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Model of Human Systems as an Approach to Psychotherapy


General Information


Interweaving neurobiology, mindfulness and somatic, experiential psychology, the Re-Creation of the Self Intensive Training provides participants with theories and methods immediately applicable in both their professional and personal lives.

In R-CS, therapy is not seen as an exploration and gradual resolution of old wounds, but as a celebration of innate resources and an opportunity to reembody an already existing core sense of Self. When, in our development, this sense of Self was opposed, we accommodated the various obstacles and hurts we endured — and protected our ultimate integrity - by fragmenting our consciousness into various trance-like self-states.

Long held as habitual neural networks in the brain and body, these fragmented states of consciousness perpetuate both our illusory sense of wounding, and the limiting behaviors that follow. R-CS seeks to identify these perceived selves, and to foster disidentification from them. R-CS does not focus on the content or historical origins of these states, but instead invites people to learn to shift immediately into a more expansive, already present, preferred state.

What You Will Get From This Training

• A comprehensive and practical map of the structures of the Self
• An understanding of the neurological basis of identity and stuckness
• A clinically supported orientation towards client wholeness and resources, as opposed to pathology 
• Techniques to pursue the Ideal Self and the evolution of Selfhood
• Refined methods for inspiring commitment and empowerment 
• New, scientifically-based perspectives on the actual nature of client change

• Facility with navigating issues of identification and disidentification
• Immediately applicable skills for shifting fragmented client states
• An appreciation of the diverse roles of the therapist

For Whom
Grounded in mindfulness and somatic awareness, R-CS is an experiential method that offers mental health and other healing practitioners of all sorts an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of their present work.

Basic training in The Hakomi Method is a prerequisite for this Intensive. 

For more information and articles on R-CS, please go to Jon's website: www.meta-trainings.com

What others have said about The Re-Creation of the Self:

"[The R-CS work] has continued to have a profound impact on both my practice and personal life...I'm happy to say I've been going the distance with what I've learned from you, relying on blending intuition with courage. It's a combination that keeps me at my own cutting edge."
—Paul Woolery, MA, therapist, White Salmon, WA

"I feel so blessed to have been part of that process towards deep change. [The work] that you and I did around Organic Self was so expansive for me... I feel that I am in a totally different place in my life than ever before... Each and every moment everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be... all I have to do is lower the mental chatter and listen for the next "right step" in my life. I honestly, for the first time in my life, feel grown up, truly an adult."   
 — Andrea Kober, LMT, bodyworker, Victoria, BC

"[The Training] has definitely advanced my psycho-spiritual understanding and consciousness. Thank you for your gifted instruction and creative genius. I really think you're onto something with this R-CS work."  
 — Michael Herrmann, MSW, Ph.D., psychologist, Indianapolis, IN

“An exceptional blend of intelligence, great determination and hugeness of heart...Jon’s RC-S model embodies and unleashes an unflagging faith in people’s goodness and power. I continue to be tremendously grateful for the influence of this work on my own development as a therapist, teacher and human being.”
—Manny Mansbach, MFT, Director, Center for Somatic Therapy, San Francisco,CA

"Jon Eisman is one of the most talented, inspiring and brilliant teachers of psychotherapy I have encountered in a quarter century of taking workshops and trainings in this field. The R-CS model provides a major missing link in accessing the embodied, differentiated Self in elegant and non-violent ways."
— Rob Fisher, MFT, Hakomi Trainer & Therapist, Mill Valley, CA

Wednesday - Sunday,  February 20-24, 2013

Wednesday: 1:00 - 5:00
Th, Fri, Sat: 9:00 - 5:00
Sunday: 9:00 - 1:00

San Anselmo, CA

Early Enrollment: $700 by January 14, 2013
Standard Enrollment: $850 1/14/13.
For those who have taken R-CS before: $425 (half price)

VISA & Mastercard accepted.

Refund Policy
Any student may withdraw after the first day of the training (February 20) from the Training receive a full refund, minus a $50 administrative fee. After May February 20, no refunds will be given, regardless of attendance. In extraordinary circumstances, the Institute will consider requests for refunds; however, the final decision in such matters will rest with the Hakomi Institute of California.

CEU’s Offered
This workshop meets the requirements for 27.5 hours of continuing education for MFT's and LCSW's in California.

To Apply
Contact the Hakomi Institute of California below.

More Information
For more information about training: contact the Hakomi Institute of California at (415) 839-6788 or email contact@HakomiCA.org.

For more information & articles on R-CS: www.meta-trainings.com

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Jon Eisman, , the creator of the Re-Creation of the Self model, is a founding member of the international Hakomi Institute, Co-Director of The Hakomi Institute of California, and a Sr. Hakomi Trainer. The author of numerous articles and Hakomi & R-CS training manuals, Jon is also the originator of Mindful Experiential Therapy Approaches (M.E.T.A.), both a synthesis of therapeutic modalities and a clinical collective in Portland, OR (www.meta-trainings.com). For the past 30 years, he has practiced and taught workshops and trainings throughout the world., and is widely acclaimed both for his teaching expertise and for the aliveness he inspires in his groups.