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Responding to Life (R.T.L.)
R.T.L. is A 3 weekend seminar in Hakomi-based, non-pathologizing character theory and therapeutic strategies to intervene effectively with each type. Check with the Institute for next starting date.

Please see Responding to Life for more details.


Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS)
The Re-Creation of the Self [R-CS], developed by Senior Hakomi Trainer Jon Eisman, is both a comprehensive map of the Self and a radical, highly effective method of therapy. Viewing the Self as innately resourced, R-CS seeks to identify fragmented states of consciousness, held as neural patterns in the brain, that perpetuate both our illusory sense of wounding, and the limited behaviors that follow. This Training teaches both the nuances of the model, and specific skills for transforming consciousness. Because the techniques are drawn from Hakomi, basic training in Hakomi is a prerequisite.

Please see Re-Creation of the Self for more details.


Experiential Couples Training
The Experiential Couples Training combines state of the art theory and practice of couples work with a somatic, mindfulness-based approach to communication and systems theory. The Hakomi Method is particularly powerful in its work with couples, in its ability to slow habitual interactions down in order to invite non-defensive study; identify family of origin and ‘real-time’ issues; and help partners create healthier and more satisfying relational styles. This training is usually taught in a two- or three-weekend format.

Please see Experiential Couples Training for more details.


Approaches to Trauma
This professional training offers the clinician practical tools for working somatically with trauma, PTSD, and early relational issues. Unique in offering multiple views and models for working with traumatized clients, the goal is for each clinician to develop an individual philosophy and approach to helping the clients that they know best. This is a training offering diverse somatic perspectives ranging from Rothschild's Somatic Trauma Therapy, Hakomi psychotherapy, Movement Therapy, attachment theory and infant mental health.

Please see Approaches to Trauma for more details