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The Hakomi Institute of California, L.L.C. is a professional educational organization dedicated to providing high quality trainings  in Hakomi Experiential Psychology to  a wide variety of clinical and non clinical professions.

We offer workshops and trainings to professionals and the general populations. The Hakomi Method is used and applicable both as a psychotherapeutic process as well as in educational settings to facilitate self-exploration and personal growth.

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Hakomi has been taught and practiced for the past 28 years worldwide. It combines body-oriented techniques with verbal interventions supported by unique guiding principles. These principles (body-mind integration, mindfulness, non-violence and organcity) create a gentle and respectful frame for the unfolding of the intricate body-mind process.

The value and the clinical application of mindfulness-based experiential psychotherapy is the essential part of  the Hakomi method. The in-depth learning approach goes beyond traditional trainings by combining didatic presentations integrated with highly experiential practice and supervision. Included in the trainings are new findings and applications from the field of trauma, attachment and developmental neuroscience.

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